The Rules of the Mafia

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The Rules of the Mafia

Post by Vlad on Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:57 pm


1. This role-play is strictly literate. Thus said, please try to make your post as long as possible. We understand that sometimes people get a brain-fart, in that case put (-s, /s) to indicate that it's a short post. And if you see someone continuing a post, try not to post cut. Thanks.

2. Do NOT start Out Of Character drama.

3. This Rp does allowing swearing IN GROUP. That said, keep local chat clear of any foul language. We don't need Moderators on our asses.

4. Do  not make your character the center of attention all the time. It gets annoying.

5. We understand that you have a real life, but don't drag it into group. We don't need people seeking out pity.

6. High ranking members are to be obeyed and respected at all times.

7. Do NOT start OOC drama with another member (people who aren't in the pack included.) And do not bring up topics that would provoke such.

8. Pups are to remain with their parent or guardian at ALL times. Do NOT go out of camp trying to stirr up trouble.

9. First, second, third, and even fourth tier ranks are earned.

10. No mate-begging, attention-begging, or rank-begging.

11. No auto-hitting, power-playing, or god-modding of any kind.

12. Know that this RP is mature and if you are a youngling, keep that in mind.

13. If you are above the Recruit ranking, you may have up to 2 characters within the group.

14. If you have more than 1 character in the group, they cannot be a high-ranking both.

15. Recruiting / mentioning your pack within group chat is prohibited. Basically, don't use this group to try and recruit for your own. If I or any other high ranks see this happening, you're gonna get the boot! :]

16. If we find out that are relaying information to another pack about us, your character will be eliminated by one of the higher rankings. And you will be banned from returning. (Basically: What happens in TVM STAYS in TVM.) We say this for the sake of RP. Don't go ruining things.

17. Do not bring up topics that may cause drama. (Ex: Religion, race, gender identity, special needs.)

18. Roleplay is not just going to be thrown at you. Also, don't think that just because a higher rank is online, they are entitled to bring up roleplay to the table. This is a roleplay group for everyone in it, not just the leaders. (You are more likely to be promoted if you start up or actively participate in roleplay! Very Happy)

19. Have fun!

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